Bento Diaries #7



So making these bentos are taking some work. I have to say it’s not the quickest easiest thing in the world to do, but I love doing it so much. I just know it will get easier. I enjoy copying Makiko Itoh’s pictures as well to make sure my bento boxes look pretty pretty pretty. That is one of the wonderful arts of bento box making is the cool arrangements. What kid doesn’t want to open their lunch box and see that mom or dad made them an edible piece of art. In the end though it has to taste good as well. This has also been exciting journey because I’m learning how to make some new Japanese food recipes as well as oldies that I just have not made in a long time. This week I made Mixed-vegetable Rice and Salted Salmon Bento. Well I forgot to get salted salmon from the Asian market and Itoh actually gives you instructions on how to make your own salted salmon in her book. Well I didn’t have three bloody days to wait for that, so I just made oven poached salmon. The mixed rice recipe you can actually buy in a pre-made pack in any Japanese grocery store. I have to say I LOVED making it myself and avoiding all the unnecessary white sugar and sodium the packaged kind would give you. The kobocha is one of my favorites. I had to buy a whole one, so I cut the other half up and froze it for another bento down the road.

Mixed-vegetable Rice and Salted Salmon Bento pg. 39

My changes:

  1. Of course as always I used brown rice instead of white.
  2. I couldn’t find burdock root, so I bought parsnip instead.
  3. Instead of shitake mushrooms I used bunashimeji or what they call white beech mushrooms because they are much cheaper
  4. Instead of salted salmon I just poached my salmon. (I LOVE Japanese style salted salmon, so I highly recommend it)
  5. I over cooked my kobocha because I was too busy hanging out on my balcony drinking a margarita. : ((((( Don’t make that mistake…they really only need 15 minutes.

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