Bento Diaries #8



So I fell off last week and didn’t post, though I did make a bento : )))  So this week in my chronicles of bento making is Soboro Bento. I have been eating and traveling to Japan for over 17 years now and I can honestly say I have not had this.  I absolutely LOVED it. It was also a pretty easy bento to make, and the recipe called for ground turkey meat.  Therefore, that is one post I will not need to mention substitutions.  Makiko actually mentions using brown rice in this recipe as well. So for this post there is NO substitutions needed. No beef, whole grain and oh wait one little substitution. I used raw sugar instead of regular white sugar in seasoning the turkey mix.  I love Just Bento cookbook  by Makiko Itoh. Not only am I learning how to pack and make the perfect bento, I am also learning how to make Japanese food I have never made before.

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